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A successful BAFRA gilding day with Rod Titian 14th November 2015

We are pleased to be able to publish a report by Helen Osborne. BAFRA Gilding day, Titian Studios by Helen Osborne   I have always been a bit of a magpie and love all that sparkles and shines, so I jumped at the chance when my brother, accredited BAFRA member Jim Broughton (Broughton Restorations) asked […]

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BAFRA AGM 2015 – A most successful day

This year the event was held at Burghley House, near Stamford in Lincolnshire. The house was originally built for Sir William Cecil between 1558 and 1587 and was modelled on the privy lodgings at Richmond Palace. The event started with an informal meeting for coffee in the foyer. The new BAFRA pop up displays were […]

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Successful Colouring Day!!!!

The BAFRA colouring day held at the workshop of Jim Broughton (Broughton Restorations) was a great success.  His colleague Mark Pargeter was also on hand to help out with the practical demonstrations. We had, in total, ten keen attendees – some experienced BAFRA members and general public with less colouring experience (one of whom joined BAFRA […]

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Robert Adam and Neo-Classical-Inspired Furniture

Short courses at Madingley Hall The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) offers short and part-time courses for adults of all ages, taught by Cambridge experts. It is based at Madingley Hall, a beautiful 16th century manor house in the tranquil village of Madingley, near Cambridge. The weekend programme runs all year round. Courses typically last […]

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Our Lady of Sorrows

Associate Bafra Overseas Member Joseph Aquilina of Queen’s Furniture Ltd in Malta has sent in this interesting piece regarding the restoration of the “bradella” and “bankun” of the statue of St. Paul’s at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta. Please click the link below to read the entire article. […]

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A Swiss cylinder musical box by Ami Rivenc of Geneva, number 39208 circa 1890, playing 10 airs as indicated on original tune sheet. Cylinder length 24cm (9.5 inches), case 50cm (19.75 inches) x 29cm (11.5 inches) x 17cm high (16.75 inches).

Antique Disc and Cylinder Musical Boxes by Stephen Kember

Antique Disc and Cylinder musical boxes Almost without exception, everybody who visits my shop in Rye, smiles when they hear a musical box play. Why do people find them so interesting? Maybe the mood or feeling of an earlier era is recreated. The sound produced by a properly restored musical box is exactly as it […]

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The Routine Care of Historic Furniture and Fixed Woodwork in Churches

Advice Note prepared by the Regional Furniture Society in association with BAFRA (British Antique Furniture Restorers’ Association) and The Churches Conservation Trust, January 2009.  Historic context  British churches contain some of the finest surviving examples of fixed woodwork and furniture in the country, in some cases dating back to the medieval period. They bear witness […]

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Retaining original surfaces

By Bruce Luckhurst Students studying advanced restoration techniques are often presented with the problem of re-jointing panels or table tops without removing any of the original surfaces. We have all seen the result of unskilled restorers biscuit jointing or dowelling panels out of register to then scrape the surfaces level, hopefully leaving some of the […]

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The re-upholstery of a pair of bergeres

By Bert Chapman MBE and Michael Barrington This pair of English made bergère chairs, made in the late 18th Century or possibly early 19th, had been substantially altered, the gilded frames damaged and the upholstery poorly executed. The standard of the frame construction is good but they had been re-gilded without interlagio over the frame […]

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