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Restoration of a Warwick Trading Company Bioscope with reproduction external magazine

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CAMERA The camera is a Warwick Trading Company Bioscope made C.1900 It has external magazines which were soon updated to be internal on newer cameras as that gave more protection. The lens was a still camera type lens before lenses were made specifically for Kine Cameras. The Warwick Trading Company’s Joseph […]

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Marquetry Mouldings by Richard Higgins

There is a small group of very fine late 17th century bracket clocks by various important makers that used cases made by a 1 or more closely linked Huguenot makers. Arguably they could have all come from the same workshop or indeed even from the same maker. They follow very much the form of case […]

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Restoration of a walnut What-Not

What-nots The What-not is essentially a set of shelves supported by corner posts or side columns and on castors to make it mobile. It seems to have appeared towards the late 18th century and gained popularity during the Victorian era for displaying a variety of ornaments, objects, curiosities, books and papers. They were usually constructed […]

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