Conservation Projects Officer: Furniture and Decorative Arts

Located on the Parliamentary Estate, Westminster, London the Conservation Projects Officer for Furniture and Decorative Arts is based within the Heritage Collections Team which is responsible for the professional management of three historic collections of national and international importance (Furniture and Decorative Arts, the Parliamentary Art Collection and the Architectural Fabric Collection). This Team provides a bicameral service to the House of Commons and House of Lords for all aspects of collections management, care, conservation, documentation, loans and interpretation.

The Furniture and Decorative Arts collection includes over 11,000 objects including historic furniture, clocks, silver and ceramics. It is a working collection with many objects in daily use across the Parliamentary Estate fulfilling the role for which they were designed and made. The Collection mainly comprises items designed in the gothic revival style by AWN Pugin for the new Palace of Westminster along with a large collection of items designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott for the House of Commons in 1950.

The Parliamentary Art Collection includes over 9000 artworks the majority of which is on display across the Parliamentary Estate and consists of paintings, sculpture, works on paper and other media ranging from ceramics to textiles, medals and political collectibles. The Collection chiefly documents the history and work of Parliament with new works commissioned and acquired.

The Architectural Fabric Collection includes over 4,000 items which were commissioned for the Palace of Westminster but have been detached from the built fabric and historic interiors. Most of the collection dates from Charles Barry’s Victorian Palace of Westminster.

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