Veneering Week – Making a Games Board

July 20, 2020 – July 24, 2020 all-day
John Lloyd Fine Furniture
Bankside Farm
Ditchling Common, Burgess Hill
East Sussex RH15 0SJ
John Lloyd Fine Furniture
01444 480388
Veneering Week - Making a Games Board @ John Lloyd Fine Furniture

20 – 24 July 2020

Skill Level : Beginner+ / Intermediate  (Ideally having attended Skills Week or Sharpening & Cabinetmaking Fundamentals or similar elsewhere)

Cost : £640

Duration : 5 Days

Test Pieces : Reversible Games Board – Chess/Draughts & Backgammon.  A lifelong treasure to showcase your new veneering skills

Other : All tools & materials will be provided

All test pieces, and the Games Board will be yours to take with you at the end of the week. If there’s time, the test pieces and the backgammon board will be polished.


No, actually there’s nothing wrong with veneer – this is not a cheap alternative to ’Real Wood’, Veneer is your big opportunity to make beautiful, decorative things using a vast selection of beautiful, sometimes outrageous, different woods from all over the world. Veneer allows large projects to maintain consistent colour and figure throughout, and the production of dimensionally stable panels that won’t be tempted to fight with any solid wood components in the near vicinity.

In short, Veneer opens up a whole new world of woodworking opportunities, both structural and visual.

Traditional methods of laying veneer are still valid in the 21st century, can be more versatile than modern methods, and only require a small selection of cheap low-tech tools. But, techniques using the latest resin glues, and equipment like the Vacuum Press, are brilliant when, for example, working on very large areas.

So, better learn how to do both!

What You Will Learn

  • TYPES OF GLUE – from the most traditional animal glues to the most modern resins
  • TOOLS & EQUIPMENT – required for Hammer & Vacuum Veneering
  • VENEER – how it’s produced; Thicknesses; Buying veneer; Storage; Laying out and Design possibilities; Preparing and handling veneer
  • PREPARING GROUNDWORK – Appropriate materials; Filling holes; Adding mitred Lippings
  • HAMMER VENEERING – Traditional techniques using hand-tools and hot animal glue; Halving & Quartering veneers; Laying bandings and letting in Inlays
  • VACUUM VENEERING – Making a ‘Lay-On’
  • DEALING VENEER PROBLEMS – Areas of loose veneer or blisters & faults/blemishes
  • MAKING & VENEERING a STUNNING, DECORATIVE, GAMES BOARD – A double-sided board suitable for playing Backgammon or Drafts/Chess
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