The Finchcocks Charity – Conservation Report by Bruce Luckhurst

Bruce Luckhurst was employed by Adlam-Burnett in 1976 to restore and copy instruments from the Finchcocks Museum of Early Keyboard Instruments.   

His association with the collection continued for 43 years until the sale in 2017 of 99 instruments and the country house which accommodated them. 

The owners, Dick and Katrina Burnett, retained  fourteen representative instruments from the collection and created the Finchcocks Charity which will promote emerging talent, concerts, associated craft training and loan instruments to raise funds. 

The Charity appointed Ben Marks, curator of the keyboard collection at Fenton House, to write a condition report and bring all the instruments to playing condition.   Bruce Luckhurst was asked to restore the casework and instruct Atara Aberman who would assist, write,  and video this report. 

Applying restoration and conservation ethics to a historic collection which was in effect a working collection required a degree of compromise.   Fortunately, those involved quickly established a close working relationship and over several months have brought the brief to a successful conclusion. 

The Finchcocks charity intend to promote craft training in their purpose built  premises in Tunbridge wells and have already worked with BAFRA  promoting a keyboard training day.  In addition, Atara Aberman will continue to film technique associated with the construction, conservation and restoration of historic keyboard instruments and antique furniture. 

We hope you find this report informative and Bruce would be pleased to answer questions you might have.

Bruce Luckhurst October 2017


The Burnett Collection – Treatment Report – September 2017 (2)