BAFRA at the Historic Buildings, Parks & Gardens Event 2015 on Tuesday 17th November 2015

The Historic Buildings, Parks and Gardens Event 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1 .

BAFRA once again took a stand at this extremely prestigious event. It has proved to be a great opportunity to engage with potential clients from a different approach, rather than the usual antique fairs of old.

It was an extremely busy day (and early start) for the three BAFRA Members, Jim Broughton, Rod Titian and Chairman, Bruce Luckhurst. We had to have the new stand and equipment set up on the day before the 9 am open time.

The BAFRA stand was in a new position this year, end of isle and overlooking the canteen seating area. This gave all of the visitors a perfect view of the new “pop up stand”.

In addition to this, there were two benches where Rod was demonstrating gilding technique’s, Bruce was sharpening and servicing hand tools and Jim was demonstrating making cross grain mouldings.

The visitors were very impressed with the BAFRA stand and many took the time to ask questions and handle some of the old tools which were on display. Comments such as “this reminds me of my old granddads workshop” were aplenty and were surprised when they learned that actually, these are the tools we still use today.

The day went very quickly and was very enjoyable. All that need to happen now was to “pop” down the stand, load it into the back of Rods car and of we went. Job done!

The BAFRA “pop up stand” is available for BAFRA members to use at any event of their choice.