Japanning Day – Saturday 27th April 2019 (NOW SOLD OUT!!)

The date for this training day has now been changed to 27th April 2019.  However, all places are now filled but it is hoped to repeat the day either later in the year or early next!



A practical course in Japanning. The European equivalent to the oriental Chinese and Japanese lacquer. (Urushi)


The day is designed to offer the attendee a practical insight into the art of Japanning and other European equivalents in comparison to the much and more refined Chinese and Japanese lacquer otherwise known as Urushi. The attendee will leave with a competent knowledge of Japanning and have the confidence to extend this further if they choose to.

Brief history of the subject

Urushi Lacquer spans more than a thousand years and through time has spurned many derivatives, which in their own right have become techniques to be admired. Lacquer is a natural product being the sap from the Lac tree commonly known as Rhus Vernicifera.

Japanning was developed by the European market who during the mid 17th century aspired to achieve true lacquer and they invented techniques of their own in many of the European countries. Many books have been written since then on techniques and applications of japanning such as Stalker and Parker in 1688.

In Italy circa 1720 Remondini invented Arte Povera (a kind of decoupage on furniture which was then polished over with varnishes until it had a silky smooth finish).

In France the Martin brothers patented their technique, Vernis Martins: a fine decorative lacquered finish.

During this course we will be concentrating on English Japanning which was by far the most commonly used amongst the European countries.

How the knowledge will be delivered

Starting with a brief history of Lacquer and Japanning, the attendee will then have a hands-on experience in producing a Japanned panel. From preparing the background, decorating with raised gesso motifs and figures or landscape scenery, applying gold and silver leaf and bronze powders and inkwork to define the decoration.



All attendees will produce a finished Japanned panel to take away with them (similar to this one).


Arrival 9.30am for a prompt 10am start

11.30am –  break

11.40am –  resume

1.00pm   –  lunch

1.45pm   –  resume

4.00pm   –  end

It is advised that attendees should bring a notebook and pencil and casual clothing or an apron (and lunch!)


This fabulous training day will be held at Titian Studios, 65 Jeddo Road, London W12 9ED.  Costs are as follows:

Full Accredited Members and Student Members – Free

All other BAFRA Member Categories – £30

Non-BAFRA members – £60

To reserve your place please apply direct to headoffice@bafra.org.uk or telephone on 01939 210826.  Places are strictly limited so make sure you apply early!