Applicant Requirements for Accredited BAFRA Membership

Entrants to Accredited BAFRA membership are required to have:-

  • At least five years experience in the profession N.B. four years in the case of BAFRA Associate Graduate members, and have been running their own business for at least 1 year.
  • The highest standards in cabinet making and finishing skills plus similarly high standards in some more specialist skills such as gilding, boullework, oriental lacquerwork, textile conservation, metalwork, upholstery, seat weaving etc.
  • A thorough knowledge of furniture history.
  • Two references from clients knowledgeable about furniture are required and BAFRA will need to be certain about their credentials as referees.
  • Insurance including public liability and professional indemnity.

A BAFRA assessor will visit applicants in their workshops to “examine” their skills and knowledge. They will want to see a number of pieces in before, during and after stages of restoration.  The assessor will also look at their business competence and integrity because a high standard of service to the public is mandatory. The report is presented to BAFRA’S Executive Committee who will decide whether to admit the applicant for Accredited Membership. BAFRA is one of only three professional bodies in the conservation-restoration profession to “Accredit” its members, and takes this responsibility very seriously.

Benefits of BAFRA Membership

  • The BAFRA website allows the public to find a local BAFRA member.  BAFRA works to continually improve its position in search engines thus enabling members to be found more easily.
  • ONLY Accredited members are allowed to display the BAFRA logo.
  • The demands of the stringent assessment and it’s criteria are largely responsible for the confidence with which owners in the private and public sectors feel able to place the conservation and restoration of their furniture and allied objects in BAFRA Members’ hands.
  • BAFRA affords its members the opportunity to exchange information on all aspects of their profession and constantly to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • BAFRA members are able to call upon one another to assist in the execution of their work. This is of special importance where specialist skills are required during a restoration project. There are a number of furniture and furnishing related Specialist Skill Sections within the accredited membership such as Upholstery, Japanning and Metal Conservation which enable BAFRA to provide a ‘complete service’ to the public.
  • BAFRA has strong working relationship with the Museum Community and was a Founder Member of the National Council for Conservation and Restoration which led to the formation of the Institute of Conservation (ICON).
  • BAFRA has a strong educational remit towards its own members and the Public. We regularly organise programmes of seminars and workshops for the benefit of all members, BAFRA Friends and the public.
  • A number of membership discounts have been negotiated with suppliers of tools and reference books, various business services and for Accredited members favourable insurance.
  • BAFRA is a nationally recognised authority on furniture conservation and restoration and will act for it’s members in dispute resolution.
Categories of Membership:
  • Accredited Member- £350.00 per annum.
  • Corporate – £600.00 per annum.
  • Associate:
    • Associate Retired – £165.00 per annum.
    • Associate Overseas – £190.00 per annum.
    • Associate in Education – £260.00 (College Affiliation) per annum.
    • Associate Graduate – £125.00 per annum.
    • Associate Ordinary – £85.00 per annum.
    • Associate Student – £25.00 per annum.


BAFRA Friends

BAFRA, though not a registered charity, is a non-profit making organisation, and as such is in need of funds in some key areas. BAFRA receives no public funding and needs private support to provide funds to aid the association in the following objectives:-

• Pursuing its goal to represent and maintain the very highest standards of craftsmanship in the world of furniture conservation and restoration.
• To aid BAFRA in its important work in the field of education, both of the general public and students entering the profession.
• Financial help to provide opportunities for students and full members to continue their training in specialist areas of their craft.
There are numerous benefits in BAFRA Friends’ membership including receipt of all our publications, preferential attendance at BAFRA events, discounted books and preferred links with the museums and heritage organisations.

Please contact the office if you require more details or an application form.