Restoration of a Warwick Trading Company Bioscope with reproduction external magazine


The camera is a Warwick Trading Company Bioscope made C.1900

It has external magazines which were soon updated to be internal on newer cameras as that gave more protection. The lens was a still camera type lens before lenses were made specifically for Kine Cameras.

The Warwick Trading Company’s Joseph Rosenthal, with his Bioscope camera, at the time of the Anglo-Boer War.

It is also being used here in the attached photo with more modern cameras.

Charles Urban a famous cameraman and film entrepreneur owned the Warwick Trading Company and sent many cameramen to wars and made a huge success of an early colour process called Kinemacolor.


I was approached by the client who was interested in having a copy made of the missing external magazine.
The new magazine would be an exact copy of the remaining one including  the inherent shrinkage and marks
associated with the use it would have had.

1.Selection of late 19th century mahogany, in keeping with the original wood used to make the magazine.

2 Beginning to construct the main carcase.

3.All interior section were coloured before being jointed.

4.  Lid partly constructed showing the shrinkage in keeping with the original section.

6.  Internal section of lid.

7.  lid – Top patinated to match the original (right).

8.  Base – Again showing shrinkage and patination in keeping with the original magazine (bottom image).

9.  View of internal area with small corner section to be added later.

10. Close up of the new internal area.

11. Box of metalwork from the original magazine including the original Warwick Trading Company label.

12. The finished magazine on the left prior to the copies of the original fittings being fitted.

13.   Work was also undertaken to make good a bad split in one door on the left hand side of the camera.
This was removed and rejointed and then coloured to blend in with the existing patination.
See image below.

Images of the completed camera with the replacement magazine installed
All restoration work undertaken by Accredited BAFRA member, Scott Bowran of Warring and Lansdall