Apprentice Furniture Maker - Conservation Studios, Windsor

1st April 2021 by BAFRA

It’s learning a new craft and building the foundations for a lasting career.

It’s feeling valued for your growing skillset. And it's the satisfaction of caring for a truly diverse furniture collection. This is what makes an apprenticeship with The Royal Household so different.

The range of furniture in the Royal residencies is extensive and contains many unique pieces that display the skill of craftsmen from across the centuries. A lot of items are in regular use, and you’ll join our team of experts who ensure they are properly conserved, whilst also kept in good working order.

Working alongside master crafts people, you’ll complete a Level Two Furniture Making Apprenticeship over two years. This will involve regular, structured off-the-job block learning with a separate training provider based in Oxford, which will consist of a one week block every couple of months. Here you’ll learn the vital foundation skills of furniture making by completing a range of projects that cover traditional and modern manufacturing.

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Closing date: 13th April 2021

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