Successful Colouring Day!!!!

The BAFRA colouring day held at the workshop of Jim Broughton (Broughton Restorations) was a great success.  His colleague Mark Pargeter was also on hand to help out with the practical demonstrations.

We had, in total, ten keen attendees – some experienced BAFRA members and general public with less colouring experience (one of whom joined BAFRA as a result of the day!).

The started with a look at some of the finishing products which Jim and Mark use in the commercial restoration of antique furniture.  They then had a practical demonstration of using nitric acid to oxidise/bleach walnut.

One student brought along a mahogany wine cooler which had had some previous poor repairs and Jim demonstrated how to blend in and colour out the repairs.

Lunch time arrived all too soon but it was a good opportunity to sit in the garden on what turned out to be a glorious sunny day and meet new friends.

After lunch, everybody had the chance to put into practise some of the techniques that Jim and Mark had demonstrated earlier on in the day.

The day was over before we knew it and students left with cries of “when are you running another colouring day?”  Watch this space!!!!


Cesar Cerejo attended the day and gave the following review:

“The colouring day was fantastic. It was fascinating to see Jim and Mark demonstrate how to age and finish a newly veneered walnut longcase clock. From the preparation of the surface until the final polish, everyone was able to comment and discuss the processes, exchanging experiences.  In the second part of the workshop we all had a go at a colouring exercise using Jim’s technique after his superb demonstration on a colleague’s piece – a George III mahogany wine cooler.  It was a great day, very welcoming and I learnt a lot. A big thank you to Jim and Mark for organising it.”