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Antique Painted Furniture Restoration & Repair

At BAFRA, we provide access to antique painted furniture restoration and repair. Every member has been rigorously assessed and vetted. Our members are all established businesses that are fully accredited and work to the highest standards and ethics.

Antique Painted Furniture Restorers at BAFRA

What is antique painted furniture restoration?

Antique painted furniture restoration involves the process of restoring and preserving antique furniture with painted finishes. This process aims to maintain or enhance the furniture's historical and aesthetic value. Complex restorations or valuable pieces require professional expertise to avoid causing further damage.

Why should I restore my antique painted furniture?

Restoring antique painted furniture helps preserve its original beauty, historical significance, and monetary value. It can also ensure the furniture's longevity and usability for future generations. The restoration process typically involves cleaning, removing old paint, repairing structural damage, filling holes or gaps, sanding, repainting, and applying a protective finish. Each step requires careful attention to detail and expertise.

Can the original paint be preserved during restoration?

If the original paint is in good condition, our skilled restorers can often preserve it by cleaning, stabilising, and applying a protective clear coat. However, severely damaged or deteriorated paint may require complete removal and repainting, choosing a paint that matches the era and style of the antique furniture, researching historical colour schemes and finishes to ensure authenticity, and using high-quality, durable paints that will provide a long-lasting finish.

Why choose a BAFRA-accredited member for antique painted furniture restoration?

Consulting a professional with expertise in antique painted furniture restoration is advisable, especially for valuable or sentimental pieces. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to ensure a successful and accurate restoration. BAFRA members have in-depth knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience restoring, repairing and conserving antique painted furniture. Choosing a BAFRA-accredited member can help ensure that your valuable antique pieces are in capable and skilled hands, leading to quality restoration work that respects the historical and artistic value of the items.

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All accredited, full members are required to have at least five years as a conservation-restoration professional (the average member today has 23 years experience) and pass an exacting assessment on their skills, knowledge and business credentials. Our members acknowledge the importance of continuous professional development to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments in painted furniture restoration and repair.

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Every BAFRA member is an expert in their field and is actively involved in Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments.


Every one of our members are required to have a minimum of 5 years' professional experience, although the average is well over 20 years' experience.


Honesty and authenticity are our key principles, and we ensure that all members are fully vetted and must hold appropriate insurance. We also offer a comprehensive complaints mediation service.

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