BAFRA’s Educational Remit

BAFRA aims to help Associate members find their way into the profession. It is intended that as many as possible of Associate Graduate members should become the Full Accredited members of the future. BAFRA also has an educational remit to enhance the skill and knowledge of its membership and to this end is committed to running a series of teaching seminars and conferences. Students at our affiliated colleges are encouraged to join BAFRA which enables them to take part in the BAFRA educational programmes and events at subsidised rates.

There are presently two affiliated colleges:

                                          CHICHESTER COLLEGE
                                          Contact Sean Casey



                WEST DEAN COLLEGE
                Contact Daniel Pateman


On graduation the Associate Student Member will move to Associate Ordinary Membership. Ordinary Associate members may be setting up their own workshops and businesses or finding employment in Full BAFRA Members’ businesses, where they can gain the essential experience needed.

BAFRA has a new form of assessment based on parts of the Full Accredited Membership assessment criteria which will enable the Associate Ordinary member to achieve Graduate status. There is also important scope for Graduate members to progress to Full Accredited membership.

Moreover, all the Associate members have ready access to the help and advice from Full Accredited members on technical and business matters, which is an important basic feature of BAFRA membership. This vital experience factor is freely and often exchanged between all members of the Association.

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