Frederick Parker Collection Half-day Study - Friday 2nd February 2024

Christopher Claxton Stevens and Wendy Shorter-Blake will be our hosts for the BAFRA half day study session at the Frederick Parker Chair Collection, housed at the London Metropolitan University’s Archives and Special Collections building, 16 Goulston Street, London E1 7TP.

The half day study session will give delegates the opportunity to tour part of the collection of around 200 British chairs for close-study and to discuss some of the most interesting historic chairs of specific interest on the theme of restoration and design. 

The Frederick Parker Chair Collection spans the period from 1660 to the present day, with a particular focus on the 18th Century.   The chairs illustrate a mixture of great quality, original finishes and upholstery, as well as interesting restorations and alterations.  There are also some fakes which were accepted as genuine when the collection was being composed.   A number of chairs will be brought out into the lecture room, giving delegates the opportunity to study them in close proximity, and have them turned over for close inspection.


Full Accredited BAFRA members               -  Free of Charge

Other BAFRA membership grades             -  £10 per head

Guests of Members                                      -  £20 per head

For further information/itinerary and to reserve your place contact BAFRA Head Office either by email to:  or by telephoning: 01939 210826

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