Gerrit Jensen - Royal Cabinet Maker by Adam Bowett

                                          GERRIT JENSEN
                                        Royal Cabinet Maker

This is the first book to study the life and work of Gerrit Jensen, the most significant
London cabinet maker of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.
   Probably born in Holland in 1634/35, he arrived in London in 1667 and from 1680
supplied furniture for the Royal Palaces through five successive reigns – Charles II,
James II, William and Mary, William III and Queen Anne.
   In addition, he furnished some of the most important houses in England, including
Montagu House, Burghley, Chatsworth, Drayton, Ham, Hatfield, Knole and Petworth.
   The surviving documentation for his commissions is greater than for all of his
contemporaries combined, as is the quantity of surviving furniture, but despite this he
has until now remained a nebulous figure.

The book has the following aims:
• to give an account of Jensen’s life and career from the time he arrived in
  England in 1667 until his death in 1715.
• to describe the workings of Jensen’s business within the context of the
  London furniture trade.
• to describe Jensen’s work for the Great Wardrobe and to identify the
  furniture surviving in the Royal Collection today.
• to publish full transcriptions of Jensen’s Great Wardrobe bills.
• to identify all Jensen’s other known patrons, to describe and illustrate
  his work for them, and to publish full transcriptions of the associated
  documentation in both private and public archives.
• to illustrate all documented or firmly attributed Jensen furniture.
• to publish transcriptions of Jensen’s will, inventories and other relevant

280×230mm, 184pp, 168 colour and 12 b/w illustrations
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