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Antique Marine Model Restoration & Repair

At BAFRA, we provide access to antique maritime and marine model restoration and repair. Every member has been rigorously assessed and vetted. Our members are all established businesses that are fully accredited and work to the highest standards and ethics.

Antique Marine Model Restorers at BAFRA

Restoring antique marine models is a process that blends craftsmanship with historical preservation. These models, often crafted with exquisite detail, serve as tangible relics of maritime history, encapsulating the evolution of naval architecture and shipbuilding techniques. Each restoration project is a journey through time, requiring a delicate balance between conservation and revitalisation.

Initially, meticulous research is conducted to understand the model's historical context, construction materials, and original design. This knowledge guides the restoration process, ensuring authenticity and accuracy. The restoration often begins with gentle cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and grime without causing damage to the delicate surfaces. Missing or damaged components are replicated using traditional techniques or modern 3D printing methods, preserving the model's integrity. Wood restoration involves careful sanding, staining, and varnishing. Rigging and sails, if present, require expert attention to ensure they are historically accurate and structurally sound. Finally, the entire model is meticulously assembled, with every detail meticulously attended to.

Restoring antique marine models is about breathing new life into a piece of history, allowing future generations to appreciate and learn from the craftsmanship and maritime heritage it embodies. Each restored model becomes a testament to the skill and dedication of the restorer's past and present, keeping alive the spirit of exploration and adventure that defines our maritime legacy.


Antique Marine Model Restoration FAQs

What is antique marine model restoration?

Antique marine model restoration is the process of reviving and preserving historical scale replicas of ships, boats, and maritime instruments. It involves thorough cleaning, repairing or replicating missing components, and refinishing surfaces to restore the model's original appearance. Skilled restorers or restoration specialists at BAFRA perform this task, utilising traditional techniques and modern technology to ensure authenticity. Ultimately, antique marine model restoration safeguards maritime history and craftsmanship, allowing these antiques to be appreciated for generations to come.

Why restore antique marine models?

Restoring antique marine models preserves maritime history and craftsmanship, offering insights into naval architecture and exploration. By reviving these antiques, we honour the ingenuity of past artisans and share their legacy with future generations. Additionally, restored models serve as educational tools, allowing enthusiasts to study historical vessels and instruments in detail. Through restoration, these models regain their aesthetic beauty and cultural significance, enriching our understanding and appreciation of the maritime world.

What types of antique maritime and marine models can be restored?

A wide array of antique maritime and marine models can be restored, including scale replicas of ships, boats, submarines, and naval vessels. They may represent any type of ship, past or present, including liners, motorships, warships, cargo vessels, river steamers and tug boats. These models can range from intricate wooden ship models with detailed rigging to brass or copper maritime instruments such as compasses and sextants. Additionally, antique navigational tools like astrolabes or chronometers may also be restored.

Can antique maritime and marine model fittings and accessories be restored?

BAFRA members are able to restore and repair a full range of maritime and marine model boat fittings. This includes components like anchors, cannons, lifeboats, navigational instruments, couplings and inserts, professional rigging tools, propellers, prop shafts, sails, rigging accessories, and rigging thread. Restoration involves cleaning, repairing, or replicating these intricate details to ensure they maintain their historical accuracy and aesthetic appeal.

How are antique marine models restored?

Marine models are meticulously restored through a multi-step process. Initially, they undergo thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and grime. Missing or damaged components are then repaired or replicated using traditional methods or modern technology like 3D printing. Surfaces are carefully refinished to restore their original appearance, and intricate details such as rigging and sails are meticulously reconstructed. BAFRA skilled restorers employ a combination of expertise and precision to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the restoration process.

Why choose a BAFRA-accredited member for antique marine model restoration?

The importance of having antique maritime and marine models restored or repaired by a BAFRA-accredited qualified craftsman cannot be stressed enough. BAFRA members have in-depth knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience restoring, repairing and conserving antique maritime and marine models. BAFRA accredited members possess the specialised knowledge and skills required for handling delicate marine models with care and precision. By selecting a BAFRA-accredited restorer, clients can trust in the quality of workmanship and commitment to preserving the historical integrity of their treasured maritime antiques.

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All accredited, full members are required to have at least five years as a conservation-restoration professional (the average member today has 23 years of experience) and pass an exacting assessment on their skills, knowledge and business credentials. Our members acknowledge the importance of continuous professional development to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments in maritime and marine model restoration and repair.

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Every BAFRA member is an expert in their field and is actively involved in Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments.


Every one of our members are required to have a minimum of 5 years' professional experience, although the average is well over 20 years' experience.


Honesty and authenticity are our key principles, and we ensure that all members are fully vetted and must hold appropriate insurance. We also offer a comprehensive complaints mediation service.

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