The Landi Company

Sheila Landi - Specialist in Textile Conservation

The Company headed by Sheila Landi was founded in 2008 following her retirement from the V&A. Based at Burghley House, the company has two workshops, one of which is devoted to large objects. There is considerable experience behind the approach to every job taken on and if a particular expertise is required the company work closely with other conservators of varying specialisms to provide a full range of textile conservation services. The workshops are set up to accommodate textiles of varying dimensions from large tapestries and carpets, down to small samplers or textile fragments.

Following years of experience and study, our tapestry conservation method is unique to us with an emphasis on strength in the construction. Washing facilities are available on site, meaning the entire conservation process can be undertaken in house, creating an efficient and cost-effective treatment, particularly for tapestries but is also available for all sizes of textiles. At the other end of the scale items of embroidery and costume accessories receive detailed attention.

One of our major responsibilities is to care for the textiles, including a collection of historic tapestries and five state beds, belonging to Burghley House. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a significant part of this, and we are set up to provide our expertise and services upon request.

We are happy to travel for estimates and can carry out on-site work where required. Advice as to the care of textile objects will also be given.

Please see our website for further details.

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