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Antique Mirror Restoration

At BAFRA, we provide access to antique mirror restoration and repair. Every member has been rigorously assessed and vetted. Our members are all established businesses that are fully accredited and work to the highest standards and ethics.

Antique Mirror Restorers at BAFRA

Antique mirrors hold a unique allure, carrying the whispers of time within their reflective surfaces. At BAFRA, our members specialise in carefully reviving these cherished relics, blending modern expertise with a deep reverence for tradition.

Our skilled restorers meticulously repair and rejuvenate antique mirrors, embracing the challenge of preserving their original character. From intricate frame repairs to delicate glass polishing, every step is guided by a commitment to maintaining authenticity and enhancing their aesthetic appeal. Approaching each antique mirror restoration project with the care and precision it deserves. Whether your antique mirror requires minor repairs or complete revitalisation, our members tailor the restoration process to suit your specific needs.

A dedication to quality craftsmanship, combined with a passion for preserving history, ensures that your antique mirror will not only recapture its former elegance but also stand as a testament to the enduring beauty of the past. Contact a BAFRA member for your antique mirror restoration, and let us illuminate its story once more, making it a timeless treasure for generations to come.


Antique Mirror Restoration FAQs

What is antique mirror restoration?

Antique mirror restoration is a specialised process that involves repairing and rejuvenating vintage or antique mirrors to restore them to their original beauty and functionality. It often includes repairs to frames, removal of tarnish or discolouration, and careful cleaning to preserve the mirror's authenticity and aesthetics.

How do I know if my antique mirror needs restoration?

Signs that your antique mirror may need restoration include visible cracks, chips, tarnished spots, faded reflective coating, or damaged frames. If the mirror's appearance has deteriorated or it has lost its lustre over time, it may be a good candidate for restoration.

Can an antique mirror's glass be restored or repaired?

Antique mirrors can be restored without the need for the glass to be fully replaced. If it contains some oxidation, foxing, or spots from the silver backing lifting away, it may be possible to have the silver on the back replaced, known as mirror resilvering. If the frame is damaged, this may also be restored, repaired or regilded by a BAFRA specialist.

Can damaged frames be repaired during restoration?

Absolutely. BAFRA members can assess and repair damaged frames. Whether it's regilding, regluing, or replacing missing elements, our skilled restorers will meticulously restore the frame to its former splendour, complementing the mirror's beauty.

What kind of antique mirrors can be restored or repaired?

In most cases, antique mirrors can be restored, regardless of their size, shape, or style. However, the extent and approach to restoration may vary based on factors such as the mirror's age, condition, materials used, and the extent of damage. BAFRA specialist restorers can restore and repair many types of antique mirrors including antique handheld mirrors, antique wall mirrors, antique dressing table mirrors and more.

What period of antique mirrors can be restored or repaired?

BAFRA members are able to restore antique mirrors from the eighteenth century such as Rococo mirrors and Chippendale mirrors, and the nineteenth century including English Regency, Victorian and Art Nouveau antique mirrors.

Will the restoration process alter the antique mirror's original charm?

The restoration process is designed to retain and enhance the mirror's original charm and character. Our members prioritise preserving the authentic aesthetics and history while addressing necessary repairs and improvements to ensure the mirror looks as close to its original state as possible.

Why choose a BAFRA-accredited member for antique mirror restoration?

The importance of having antique mirrors restored by a BAFRA-accredited qualified craftsman cannot be stressed enough. BAFRA members have in-depth knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience in antique mirror restoration and are able to restore the appearance, avoiding a loss in the value of antique mirrors.

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All accredited, full members are required to have at least five years as a conservation-restoration professional (the average member today has 23 years of experience) and pass an exacting assessment on their skills, knowledge and business credentials. Our members acknowledge the importance of continuous professional development to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments in antique mirror restoration, resilvering and repair.

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Every BAFRA member is an expert in their field and is actively involved in Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments.


Every one of our members are required to have a minimum of 5 years' professional experience, although the average is well over 20 years' experience.


Honesty and authenticity are our key principles, and we ensure that all members are fully vetted and must hold appropriate insurance. We also offer a comprehensive complaints mediation service.

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