Antique Organ Restoration & Repair

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Antique Organ Restoration & Repair

At BAFRA, we provide access to antique organ restoration and repair. Every member has been rigorously assessed and vetted. Our members are all established businesses that are fully accredited and work to the highest standards and ethics.

Antique Organ Restorers at BAFRA

Can antique organs be restored or repaired?

Antique organs can be restored or repaired by BAFRA specialists. During the restoration process, they will strive to bring many types of antique organs back to their original grandeur. This includes the restoration and repair of the organ pedals and pedal straps, the bellows, the soundboard, and action, along with the keyboard, numerous cabinet pieces, the keyboard cover, side handles, repairing broken and missing carvings, moldings, and more.

What kind of antique organs can be restored or repaired?

BAFRA specialist restorers can restore and repair many types of antique organs including antique pump organs, pipe organs, reed organs and antique melodeons and accordions, restoring the cases and all mechanisms, which are disassembled and restored to perfect condition including the reeds, valves, and bellows.

Why choose a BAFRA-accredited member for antique organ restoration?

The importance of having antique organs restored by a BAFRA-accredited qualified craftsman cannot be stressed enough. BAFRA members have in-depth knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience in antique organ restoration.

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All accredited, full members are required to have at least five years as a conservation-restoration professional (the average member today has 23 years of experience) and pass an exacting assessment on their skills, knowledge and business credentials. Our members acknowledge the importance of continuous professional development to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments in antique organ restoration and repair.

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Every BAFRA member is an expert in their field and is actively involved in Continual Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast of advances in knowledge, skills and technical developments.


Every one of our members are required to have a minimum of 5 years' professional experience, although the average is well over 20 years' experience.


Honesty and authenticity are our key principles, and we ensure that all members are fully vetted and must hold appropriate insurance. We also offer a comprehensive complaints mediation service.

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