Introduction to Woodworking with Philip Hodge


1-day duration

£110.00 - £125.00

This one day course is for people who like the idea of working with wood but have no or little experience and are unsure of the names and usage of both hand tools and machinery. Attendees will learn how to identify and use selection of tools including Bench plane, Block plane, Shoulder plane, Rebate plane, Moulding planes. Chisels, Gouges, different Saws, Hammers, etc. It will also cover marking out using Squares, Mitre squares, Marking gauges, Cutting gauges and Mortise gauges. Guidance will also be given as to the best types and makes of tools to buy and pointers as to where to purchase them.

Available Course Dates

  • 3 Dec 2023  (One Day Course) £110
  • 2 March 2024  (One Day Course) £125

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Duration: 1 day
Price: £125
Skill Level: Beginner
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