Furniture Restorer with a Conservation Mindset Needed

A&M Restoration & Conservation is based in London's Southend Green, NW3.

We work for private clients and some larger institutions.

We carry out traditional furniture restoration/conservation on furniture, decorative art & interiors.

Structural repairs, veneer work, french polishing & other surface coatings.

We also restore decorative surfaces such as gilding, lacquering, and painted surfaces.

We work mainly with hand tools.

We are looking for someone with experience in structural restoration and traditional surface coatings.

You should be able to work independently but also as part of a small team.

You will also be dealing with clients and customers in the small shop attached to the workshop.

We are looking for an energetic positive person with a good vibe.

If you think this is for you and you like to be part of the A&M team, please get in contact with us on:

Mobile phone: 07967633083


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