Membership Categories & Fees

Accredited Member £350.00 pa

Full Members are individuals who have undergone and passed the BAFRA Entry Assessment. They will have been working in the profession for a minimum of 5 years prior to application for membership.  They are multi-skilled and fully able to deal with all or most aspects of antique furniture conservation-restoration. Many have additional skills such as boulle-work, collection care, clock movements, mirrors, upholstery, etc, etc. They are accredited by BAFRA. Full Members undertake to abide by a strict BAFRA Code of Ethics as a condition of their membership and are required to design and manage their own Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes on a regular basis.

Corporate £600.00 pa

Corporate Members are those Companies who have been specially assessed by BAFRA based on the conservation-restoration workshop manager of the Company. They have Full membership status and are accredited by BAFRA. Unlike the Full individual members of BAFRA, Corporate Members are subject to reassessment every three years on the basis of satisfactory reports by fresh Referees. Should the assessed Manager change, the Company will be obliged to reapply for Corporate membership. Corporate Members are bound by the BAFRA Code of Ethics and the requirement to design and maintain their individual CPD programmes. 

Associate Retired £165.00 pa

Enables Accredited Members who no longer wish actively to pursue their businesses, to remain in contact with BAFRA and contribute to the wellbeing of the Association in any way they feel able.  The category is also open to others who are retired or semi-retired and practice conservation-restoration part-time. 

Associate Ordinary £85.00 pa

Associated Ordinary Members are members employed in the furniture conservation-restoration profession who because of their employment cannot satisfy all the criteria required of the Full Member.  They have Associate status and are not accredited by BAFRA.

Associate Overseas £190.00 pa

Associate Members (Overseas) are those members working outside the UK.

Associate in Education (College Affiliation) £260.00 pa

Associate Members in Education are members of BAFRA in teaching appointments at Colleges in the UK recognised by BAFRA. They are not accredited by BAFRA.

BAFRA Friends £50.00 / £42.00 (concession) pa

Friends membership is available to anyone who wants to support the organisation and keep in touch with the antique restoration world. 

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